About Us

Welcome to Nesuna Group, an ever-evolving and ambitious group specialising in fulfilment, warehouse, and logistics solutions. As a collective of distinctive brands, we strive to make a meaningful difference by providing innovative and efficient services tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Our group includes several renowned brands, each with its own set of unique offerings and specialist expertise. These include Potters House, The Envelope People, The Christian Shop, Dalit Goods Co, Scamp Publishing, Tearfund Christmas Cards, and Support a Charity.


Potters House offers an wide range of Christian products to the trade, thoughtfully and conscientiously sourced from around the globe. The Christian Shop provides retail customers with a comprehensive range of Christian resources and products, at budget friendly prices. Dalit Goods Co is an ethically-oriented business, sourcing and selling handmade items from Dalit communities, supporting their livelihoods and their voice in society.

For the lovers of literature, Scamp Publishing pioneers in bringing enlightening and inspiring content to readers of all ages. Tearfund Christmas Cards spreads cheer during the Christmas season with stunning Christmas cards that not only convey religious values but also support charitable causes. Lastly, Support a Charity enables many different charities to list their products to sell all year round.

The Envelope People, a proudly British brand, stands as a significant pillar in the local craft industry. The primary business involves the sale of a wide variety of envelopes, cello bags, cards, and paper products. As staunch advocates for domestic trade, they source their offerings exclusively from suppliers within Britain, creating a robust, self-sustaining loop of commerce. By choosing only British-made products, The Envelope People contribute to the growth and enrichment of the local craft industry. Their commitment to supporting local manufacturers and artisans not only bolsters the British economy, but also ensures the longevity and vitality of time-honored British craft traditions.

At Nesuna Group, we are more than just a group of companies. We’re a close-knit community, united by our commitment to service excellence and forward-thinking ethos. We believe in the power of relentless evolution, consistently seeking out innovative strategies and technologies to drive our growth and enhance our offerings.

What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on service. Each of our brands is dedicated to providing outstanding customer experiences, understanding that it is our clientele’s needs and satisfaction that form the heart of our businesses. We work diligently to exceed expectations, approaching each challenge with solution-oriented mindsets and attention to detail.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we maintain our focus on our core principles – commitment to service, relentless innovation, and continuous progression. We are Nesuna Group, and we’re excited to forge ahead, building a future where our services become an integral part of your success story.

Join us on our journey, and let’s move forward together.

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